[Gifographic] How to Make a Jewelry Box for Wall

September 15th, 2015

Jewelry is messy. And it tends to get exponentially messier with increasing the amount in question and some women have vast amounts of it. A woman needs a way to organize it and keep it out of sight and out of touch, so it stays organized for longer. So, here we’re going to show you how to make a jewelry box.

Materials You Need:

materials for jewelry boxYou can get our exact dimensions, or just follow the relative calculations bellow to scale your project to the size you want.

  • An artwork cover to display. A painting on a canvas is the best, but anything can be used, so long it rests on a hardback or a wooden frame, such as personalised star maps. The size of your artwork is the size of your box, so acknowledge that before you buy or make.
  • A hardboard panel the same size of your artwork. This goes in the very back of your project. It needs to be at least a few centimetres thick to hold the nails/screws.
  • Drawing materials: pencil, ruler, T-square, if you have one), a hammer and a screw-driver. Also, decorative materials, you’d want to use.
  • 2 x 287:100:50mm Wooden Boards;
  • 2 x 420:100:50mm Wooden Boards;
  • A double magnet catch;
  • Short and medium nails;
  • Threaded screws;
  • 3 standard hinges;
  • Cabinet mounts;
  • 4 x Inside corner braces;
  • Carpenter glue;
  • 12 Hook screws;
  • 1 Mirror.

How to Make a Jewelry Box For Wall

How to Make a Jewelry Box Final Result

  1. Assemble the boards. Get the four boards – 2x long, 2x short; the back hardwood piece and your artwork. Put the back piece down and the two longer boards on the top and bottom side. Put the shorter ones on the sides and in between the longer ones.
  2. Glue the boards together. We do this, so it’s easier to nail/screw them afterwards, without breaking the alignment.
  3. Finish the frame. If you’ve chosen to use the inner braces, take one and put it on one corner. Get some wood screws and screw the brace in. Repeat three times. If you’ve chosen nails instead, take a few, space out and mark their positions with a pencil then nail each of them. Repeat three times.
  4. Attach the headboard. First, glue the headboard the same way you did with the frame. If you’re using braces, nail the four corners in with medium nails. One nail each five centimetres is more than enough. If you nailed the frame, skip the corners and enough space on the shorter side, to accommodate for the nails you used. Nail everything in the same way.
  5. Install the wall mounts on the back. Space them out further to the sides for maximum stability. Try to put them in such a way, that you can use the frame, as well as the back board, and stronger screws. Be careful of not going through the back board.
  6. Attach the cover with bottom hinges. A few shorter hinges are better than just one big one. Mark their positions evenly on the frame and screw them in. Use even and accurate measurements for each screw point, so you can transfer them on the cover with accuracy and align them better. Screw the cover on as well.
  7. Screw the hooks. First, draw out your layout for the jewellery. We chose a simple two-row layout with six hooks on each row. That would have enough slots to accommodate a basic set of jewellery and enough space in between to keep them organized.
  8. Install the locking mechanism. If you chose a double magnet catch, centre each piece on the cover and inside top of the frame (or side, if your hinges are on the left or right) and test if they align. Screw them in. Test if the catch holds.

And, this is how to make a jewelry box!

Figure out the logistics of your jewellery and mark positions of the hooks that will hold them. Install the hooks, but be careful of puncturing the back board. It’s a good idea to also draw rectangles to encompass the space for each type of accessory as well as label it, just as an organizational finish.

Order your accessories and enjoy the merits of your hard work. Credits go to Le Studio Rad. We got the idea for this project from their blog post, so thanks and keep up the good work !


How to Make a Jewelry Box

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