How To Move Out Quickly Out of a House

July 5th, 2019

Moving in a hurry?

Moving house is stressful as it is. Add a tight deadline into the mix and you’ve potentially got a recipe for disaster if you’re not wise about your packing choices.

Hard-working removal specialists /></p><p>While in the ideal situation, you’d have ample time to neatly box up your things, it’s not always possible in reality. When you do find yourself having to move in a rush, don’t panic, just remember these seven simple tips.</p>
<h2>Start Way In Advance</h2>
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Move Out Mates, we know what the earlier you draft the plan, the less hassle and nerves you’ll have down the road. Tasks like packing require boxes and finding boxes be a challenge. 

Note: Packing in as fast as in a couple of days can be extremely stressful. 

Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Need

When you live in a house for any amount of time the amount of ‘stuff’ you accumulate can be incredible. Realistically, you probably don’t use or need half of it so why pack it all up, only to unpack it and not use it at the other side?

Attention: Instead of wasting time taking unnecessary items with you, just get rid of them! Can’t make a move any faster than that.

While you may not want to throw your possessions in the bin, there are a number of things you can do to re-home your items, even if you’re in a time pinch.

Our recommendation is to dedicate just one day to getting rid of your items. Simply put up some custom signs or a moving sale banner in your local area and hold a moving sale on a Saturday morning. Anything that doesn’t sell can go straight to your local shelter or charity shop by the end of the day. This is also especially useful if you’re the owner and need to sell the property fast.

And here’s a tip: Once you’ve committed to parting an item, don’t change your mind and bring it back inside if you don’t sell it during your allocated moving sale period!

Consider a Mobile Storage Unit

This type of services have a limited area coverage, but in case you have companies nearby, having a pod delivered and pick-up storage up once full can be a fast and easy solution. Make sure to choose the right storage size that fits your needs.

Get Your House Cleaned By Professionals

Cleaning your house is a huge feat in terms of both time and effort. When you’re short on time, there’s no need to do it yourself, especially when you could be focused on doing things that only you can do.

So, think about the services of a professional post tenancy cleaner to help you manage the task. Even if you’re not in a hurry, not having to worry about scrubbing floors and cleaning your windows will inevitably make your move so much easier. 

Learn more about the company, check our outstanding customer reviews and take a look at the Move Out Mates End of Tenancy Checklist of Tips and Hacks.

Consider A Professional Removalist

If you really need to get out quick, don’t do any of it yourself. Professional removalists can come into your house, pack everything up and unpack it into your new house!

There’s no need for you to spend a seemingly endless amount of hours packing everything up when you can enlist the help of people who do this for a living.

And before you worry about the safety of your things and whether they will put everything in the right places in your new house, don’t!

Professional removalists are well-versed in transferring the contents of whole houses from one to another with minimal fuss. Just make sure you choose one with great reviews and testimonials from happy customers.

Read the Move Out Mates Guide on How to Move House.

Just Pack!

Hiring a company to do the hard work may not be in your budget, in which case, you just need to think like a removalist. Don’t spend time obsessing about colour coding or being overly organised with your packing. Just get everything into boxes and out of the house as fast as you can.

For those suffering from OCD, this tip may be a little hard to hear, but trust us, this mindset is key if you have to get gone quick. The downside to doing this is that it may make things a little harder when you’re unpacking but this is a compromise you’d be wise to make if you really do have to leave your old home in a short timeframe. 

Enlist Some Help

Many hands make light work, and that’s certainly true for moving house in a time crunch. You can actually pack up a house in just a few short hours if you have enough people so you can focus on your new crib. If you’re on the run, consider modern tools like virtual apartment tours.

So, ask friends, family and neighbours to come and help you for an afternoon. Allocate them a room each and your stuff will be boxed up and shipped out in no time. Just make sure you supply the beer and pizza once everyone’s done!

Pack Smart

The goal with packing regardless of your timeline is to make clever packing decisions. 

Nobody likes making work for themselves but so many people unwittingly add to their workload when they’re packing. Here are some quick tips to the most common packing mistakes:

  • Instead of boxing up the clothes hanging in your wardrobe, simply cover them with bin bags and transport them to your new home while they’re still on the hangers. 
  • Don’t make the mistake of filling big boxes with heavy items. This will only make transporting them harder (and slower!).
  • If you have chests of drawers and other storage furniture items, don’t unload everything from them. Simply keep clothes and other items inside so you don’t waste time removing things only to put them right back in the same place.

Don’t cause delays

  • When you’re moving house quickly, taking some time to prepare is actually time well spent. Make sure you’ve organised food for packing and moving days so you don’t have to run out and get anything. 
  • Create a well-stocked packing station so you’re not wasting time hunting around for the tape or markers. 
  • And whatever you do, make yourself a moving day/first-night essentials bag; there’s nothing worse than packing up everything only to realise you need something you packed in one of your 100 boxes. 

We hope these tips helped ease your stress about moving house in a hurry. Just remember, it may be chaos for a little while, but you’ll be enjoying life in your new house soon enough.

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