Questions about After Tenancy Cleaning

Move out cleaning is a complicated service and people always wonder why it’s so important. If you want to know more about Move Out Mates’ services take a look at the frequently asked questions below:

General questions

About the company & staff

About end of tenancy cleaning

About house removals

Are there any additional charges to the price you’ve quoted me?

The parking/congestion charges for the duration of the service, are the only thing which may come on top of the price. If the property is in the congestion zone of the city the customer is required to pay the charge OR we can perform the service during the weekend when the congestion charges are not valid.

Do you require deposits?

Not unless your booking exceeds 400GBP.

Do you provide a same-day service?

Same-day service is available if our schedule allows it. Please call on 020 3746 3110 to check that with our operators.

Can you carry out the job when I’m at work?

No problem! We can arrange for a key pick-up from your agency or landlord or even collect the keys from a neighbour or a local shop. We can notify you before we start and before we finish so you could be constantly informed on the progress.

When do I pay for the services used?

You can pay the service via credit or debit card upon booking.

Can I book a service for the weekend, bank holiday or overnight?

Yes, you can book your service for whenever you need it–we work on weekdays, weekends and bank holidays. However, there might be an extra fee for that but your operator will let you know if this is the case. Our overnight services come with an extra fee (after 19:00)

I am not happy with the work you did. What now?

If you have any complaints whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will do everything we can to fix things up for you.

Tell me more about your staff. Are they qualified?

Yes. We make sure that all moving professionals and tenancy cleaners in London are background checked. They undergo a training before they start working and we constantly run quality control checks in order to ensure the high quality of our services.

Is your company insured?

Yes, Move Out Mates is an insured provider of moving and cleaning services in London.

What are your working hours?

You can contact our friendly representatives 24/7. They will answer all questions regarding our services and will give you an estimate.

Do you provide local services?

Yes, Move Out Mates works with moving and cleaning teams located all around London.

What is the difference between one-off and after tenancy cleaning?

Our tenancy cleaning service is much more comprehensive than the one-off treatment and, unlike the second, comes with a guarantee. Moreover, the move out cleaning is a complete cleaning service designed with landlords’ and tenants’ needs in mind. The pro’s clean with high attention to detail and until the work is complete. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is a hourly-based service, which makes it not the best fit if you need to comply with a tenancy contract.

However, the one-off deep cleaning service is a perfect option if you don’t need a guaranteed service and you need certain areas to be cleaned. You can schedule deep cleaners for several hours to work according to your own cleaning list.

How can you guarantee the quality of your work?

We use an agency-approved end of tenancy cleaning checklist to make sure that each corner is cleaned up to standard. We pay special attention to all areas that we know the future inspection will focus on. Besides that, our services come with a 72-hour guarantee to make sure you’ll get your full deposit back.

Do you clean the carpets and windows as part of the service?

All carpets and upholstery will be hoovered thoroughly as part of our move out cleaning procedure and the windows will be polished from the inside. Upon request, we can perform a professional clean of any carpets, rugs or upholstery using the hot water extraction method, dry cleaning method or foam cleaning method depending on the fabric of the item. We can also wash all windows thoroughly inside and out. You will receive a discount for booking any of the additional services along with the tenancy cleaning!

Do you charge per hour or per job?

After tenancy cleaning is charged per job.

Is there anything I need to do before you arrive?

We recommend you to defrost your fridge and freezer 24 hours in advance. If they are still frozen when your cleaners arrive at the property, we cannot guarantee that they will be able to clean them.

Should I provide any cleaning materials or equipment?

No. Your move out cleaners will arrive at the property fully equipped with professional gear.

My landlord has a specific cleaning checklist. Can you use it?

Of course! We will make sure to follow yours or his instructions strictly for you to get your deposit money back.

How long does the end of tenancy cleaning take?

It depends on the number of rooms in the property. Our friendly operators will give you more information on that matter but a standard procedure for a 2 bedroom flat takes two cleaners 4 to 5 hours of work.

Do you provide a service receipt?

Yes, it is provided upon service completion.

Do you do on-site viewings?

Yes, we do and we highly recommend that you take advantage of one. They are non-obligational and will help us figure out the best approach to deal with your situation and provide you with adequate information.

What vehicles do you use for your removal service?

For our home removal service, we work with Transit and Luton vans, depending on the situation. Both are equipped with everything needed for a safe relocation.

How to know what size of van will suit my needs?

It really depends on what you need to be moved. Our advisors will ask you a few questions over the phone to get a better idea of that and will send the most appropriate vehicle for your situation. However, we will require completing a survey for bigger moves (3+ bedrooms), it will help us evaluate the situation best.

Can I travel with you in the van? What about pets?

Unfortunately, no as the UK law strictly forbids that from happening. We can, however, take care of your pet as long as it is safe in a pet carrier.

Are packing materials and boxes included in the price?

We can deliver moving boxes at your property for an extra fee. Additionally, we can help you pack and unpack at preferential rates but if you choose to pack yourself, bear in mind that the boxes shouldn’t be heavier than 40-45lbs (20kg).

What type of moving boxes do you offer?

Our range of moving boxes includes:

  • Standard boxes [467x307x313mm] – perfect for packing small household items, documents, books, etc.;
  • Large boxes [467x457x463mm] – most commonly used for kitchen appliances, glassware, and kitchenware and are perfect for both residential and office moves;
  • Wardrobe boxes [508x457x1244mm] – these special boxes come with a hanger bar inside and are perfect for clothing items.

Is there a minimum number of boxes I need to purchase?

Yes, the minimum is 15 boxes.

Do you move big items such as beds, wardrobes and pianos?

Of course! However, you should know that we can add an extra charge for really heavy items on higher floors due to the specific of the work.

Are you insured and if yes, what does the insurance cover?

We are insured and the insurance comes as a package for the entire move–there are no restrictions for single items.

Who is responsible for the parking?

It is responsibility of the customer to provide us with a parking spot for the duration of the service.

How do you calculate the price?

Our home removal service is priced by the hour.

How long will the removals service take?

This depends on many factors including the number of items that need to be moved, as well as travel distance between two addresses. Parking availability is a factor as well. Our staff will provide you with an estimate duration of the service.

What items do you NOT move?

We do not move illegal or stolen goods, hazardous and other dangerous materials, perishable items, explosive or environmentally harmful products, drugs, poisons, weapons and firearms, bio-hazardous materials.

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