End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist by Move out Mates


  • Bedrooms and General Areas:

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    Due to the lot of falloff dirt on other surfaces and the ground, general dusting and wiping is the first part of our end of tenancy cleaning. Prioritizing it allows us to maintain good speeds and efficient results.

    • Dust all surfaces
    • Remove all cobwebs from ceilings
    • Clean mirrors and pictures
    • Clean top of picture frames
    • Clean Light fittings and shades
    • Clean all switches
    • Clean all power sockets
    • Wipe all skirting boards
    • Wipe top of all doors
    • Hover and dust both sides of each curtain
    • Wipe curtain rails
    • Wipe fire place and adjacent surfaces
    • Hover and mop all hard floors
    Cleaning the wardrobe - Move out MatesCleaning and polishing metal ornamentsCleaning the lamp shade

    Remove all spots from walls, if possible. Per request. Extra charge applies - £15 per room.

  • Furniture:

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    Dirty furniture leaves a horrible first expression. Thus, our workers spend their time to carefully wipe, vacuum and clean all furnished and unfurnished furniture in the property.

    • Wipe down tables and other hard surfaces
    • Remove fingerprints
    • Remove oily stains
    • Remove cushions to clean inside sofa
    • Hover inside and out
    • Move all the furniture to clean underneath and around
    • Hover all furnishings
    Vacuuming under the cushions Wiping wooden furniture
  • Carpets:

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    Carpets are some of the hardest items to clean. Note that services requiring the need of our professional carpet cleaning machine are not part of the end of tenancy cleaning, but can be provided per request and extra charge.

    • Thoroughly vacuum through to the edges
    • Remove furniture to vacuum underneath and around, if needed
    • Steam clean, if needed
    Vacuuming the carpets

    In-depth professional carpet cleaning comes at 50% discount when booked with end of tenancy cleaning. Check out our deals and packages!

  • Bathroom:

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    The workers perform all kinds of job within the bathroom. The toilet, shower, tiles and bath tub are all deep cleaned and brought to perfectionm as the bathroom is one of the places where dirt is most visible and least tolerable.

    • Clean taps and fittings, remove all lime scale
    • Clear and wash soap dispenser
    • Wipe and dust the radiator and towel rail
    • Wipe and clean WC and bidet
    • Clean pipe work and plumbing behind the WC if accessible
    • Clean shower screen and cubicles
    • Check for hair around the drainages
    • Polish and dust mirror and glass surfaces
    • Descale, rinse and wipe the faucets and any other metal surface
    • Clean the toothbrush glass
    • Wipe and clean extractor fans, remove dirst and dust
    Cleaning the bath tubCleaning the shower headCleaning the bathroom mirrorCleaning the bathroom tiles
  • Windows:

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    Everything within the premises is part of the end of tenancy cleaning service. Naturally, in inside of the windows is not an exception. We will clean and wipe down the windows until they are as clear as thin air.

    • Clean glass from the inside
    • Remove spots, fingerprints and oily stains
    • Wipe down to prevent streaks when drying
    • Wipe down window sills
    • Wipe down window frames, including the inner ledge and tops
    Cleaning the windows

    Tenancy cleaning is discounted by 15%, if booked with outside window cleaning.

    If accessible from the inside, outside of windows can be cleaned for £10 per room extra charge.

    Blinds can be cleaned per request at the price of £10 per blind.

  • Drawers, Cupboards, Shelves:

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    It's easily forgettable to clear a drawer or clean the far back corner of a shelve you barely reach. The cleaners will check each cupboard, drawer and shelve individually. They will also have a step ladder in order to reach everywhere.

    • Clear inside and out
    • Clean around the handles, check for stickiness
    • Check for marks around handles
    • Throw away any unneeded items
    • Wipe and dust inside and out
    Cleaning the drawers and shelves
  • Fridge and freezer:

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    We thoroughly clean the fridge and freezer. Please note that in order to clean the freezer property, it needs to be defrosted, or at least turned off a day in advance.

    • Remove all grime, mildew, and food deposits
    • Wipe door handles, check for stickiness
    • Clean the rubber seal
    • Move and clean underneath and behind
    • Remove stickers, if necessary
    • Remove and clean slots, grills and cabinets inside
    Wiping the fridgeCleaning the freezer door
  • Dishwasher:

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    We will clean the dishwasher carefully from all food and soap deposits. Additionally, we'll provide a preliminary check up on the rubber seals and internal components.

    • Remove all grime, mildew, and food deposits
    • Check and clear the filters
    • Check the rubber seal
    • Move and clean underneath and behind
    • Clean soap dispenser drawer
    • Wipe down handles, check for stickiness
    Cleaning the dishwasher
  • Washing Machine:

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    Similarly to the dishwasher, our cleaners will thoroughly clean and wipe the washing machine, as well as check on the seals.

    • Wipe and clean the drum
    • Check and clear the filters
    • Check the rubber seal
    • Move and clean underneath and behind, if possible
    • Clean soap dispenser drawer
    • Wipe down handles, check for stickiness
    Cleaning the washing machine
  • Tumble Dryer:

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    The tumble dryer is also cleansed as part of the end of tenancy cleaning service you have booked.

    • Wipe down inside and out
    • Check the rubber seal
    • Clean soap dispenser drawer
    • Check and clear the filter
    Cleaning the tumble dryer
  • Oven and Microwave:

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    The oven is an extremely important part of the move out cleaning procedure as it can leave both great and horrible first impression. Special attention is turned to thoroughly cleanse and clear the oven as to be ready for the new tenants of the property. The microwave is also thoroughly cleaned in the same fashion.

    • Clean and degrease oven, hob and grill
    • Clean and degrease the microwave
    • Remove food deposits and grime as much as possible
    • Clean grill pan and oven racks
    • Wipe the inner top of the oven and microwave
    • Check and wipe the rubber seals
    • Check and wipe all buttons
    • Wipe down outside and remove stickiness
    Cleaning the ovenCleaning the microwave
  • Toaster:

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    Not even the toaster is neglected when coming in for a tenancy cleaning session.

    • Clean and polish outside
    • Remove any food deposits and bread crumbs
    • Clean inside, if possible
    • Remove stickiness on handle
    • Clean grime and deposits on the bottom
    Cleaning the toaster
  • Sink:

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    All sinks and units, regardless if they are stainless steel, ceramic or made of other materials are thoroughly treated. We carefully clean and polish them to return their original shiny surfaces to life.

    • Clean basin
    • Clean taps
    • Remove limescale
    • Remove hard water stains
    • Polish
    Cleaning the sink
  • Miscellaneous:

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    There are a lot of random small tasks that don't have their own category. But, don't you even think we've forgotten about them, as any little detail counts towards getting that deposit.

    • Clean and dry the kitchen tiles
    • Throw away any leftover rubbish
    • Wipe and clean rubbish bin inside and out
    • Degrease the hob extractor
    • Clean the extractor top and bottom and thoroughly wipe
    Cleaning the rubbish bin
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